CANNES, France (AP) _ Introducing at the world's most prestigious film forum: ``Space Freaks from Planet Mutoid'' and ``Romeo: Love Master of the Wild Women's Dorm.''

Troma, Inc. _ makers of such off-the-wall titles as ``Surf Nazis Must Die'' and ``Space Zombie Bingo'' _ is back at Cannes Film Festival with more gore, a flood of blood and plenty of cheesy sex.

``Romeo: Love Master of the Women's Dorm'' is about how ``titillating temptresses torment Romeo with their torrid love tutorials,'' according to the film's trailer.

``Tomcat Angels,'' about a group of sexy fighter pilots, ``is a unique, comedic blend of action above the skies and under the sheets.''

Then there's ``Virgin Beasts,'' set in post-nuclear Sydney, Australia. ``It's a blend of vegemite and dementia ... deadly games to transform Sydney into one giant post apocalyptic erotic party you'll never recover from.''

Get the picture?

A Troma release premiering in Cannes is ``Blondes Have More Guns,'' about cool but dimwitted detective Harry Bates (Michael McGaharn) and his partner Dick Smoker (Richard Neil) tracking a twisted chainsaw killer.

``It's like `Naked Gun' meets `Basic Instinct','' says McGaharn, 34, a comedian from Pasadena, Calif.

It's peppered with fast-paced, cornball dialogue. When Harry investigates a crime scene, staring at a blood-spattered wall and seeing an abstract giraffe.

``It's blood, Harry.''


``No, AB.''


``No, it's negative.''

And so on.

Troma president Lloyd Kaufman, who has a penchant for loud neckties and bright socks, says New York-based Troma is being taken more seriously. Paris' prestigious Cinematheque Francaise did a Troma retrospective last month, examining ``Bloodsucking Freaks'' and the ``Toxic Avenger'' series.

An investment by the Swiss holding company Richemont AF helped set up Troma Team Video six months ago and will release Troma fare on video.

``There's more to our success than women in bikinis and monsters,'' Kaufman says. ``We have a vision of humanity that is unique,'' with each film focusing on conspiracies by the elite to manipulate ordinary people.

Kaufman's now at work on his pet project, ``Tromeo and Juliette.''

In development for four years, it will be set in modern-day New York and filmed entirely in iambic pentameter, he said. ``It features the stunts, special effects, mutations and meltdowns that Shakespeare always dreamed about.''