COLLINGWOOD, Ontario (AP) _ Ontario will send monthly pension checks to the three surviving Dionne quintuplets even though they have rejected the compensation as an insult, the province's premier said Friday.

The three sisters, who are 63, on Thursday turned down the province's offer and instead demanded an independent audit to determine if they were bilked out of millions of dollars when they served as a tourist attraction as children during the 1930s.

Premier Mike Harris said the province would send $1,400 monthly pension checks to each sister. The three _ Celine, Yvonne and Annette _ now live mainly on a single $490 pension.

Harris has stressed the province will not negotiate further.

Born during the Depression to a mother of six and her impoverished husband in a northern Ontario farmhouse, the Dionne sisters were the first quintuplets on record to survive more than a few days. They say were cheated out of money earned while they were put on display as children at a theme-park-like site called Quintland.

One sister, Emilie, died in 1954; another, Marie, died in 1970. The survivors live together in Montreal.