RICHMOND, Va. (AP) _ Kraft Inc. resumed some ice cream production Thursday at its Richmond plant, which was closed in July because of bacterial contamination in its Polar B'ar ice cream treats.

But Scott Horne, a company spokesman, said no decision had been made on whether the Polar B'ars would be made there in future.

The plant was closed July 3 after federal officials found one flavor of the treat had been contaminated with the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. The company recalled all the bars from the batch and later suspended production of them at plants in Massachuetts and Indiana after the bacteria was discovered in the Indiana plant.

The bacteria, found in animal wastes, can cause listeriosis, a disease dangerous to pregnant women, their fetuses and people with weakened immune systems. The contaminated batch of Polar B'ar squares is suspected in at least one death in Florida.

The company has been unable to determine exactly how the bacteria entered the Richmond plant, Horne said. However, the company has cleaned and sterilized the plant, he said.

Samples of the ice cream half-gallons produced at the plant will be tested for contamination before they are distributed, Horne said. He could not say whether all containers would be tested, or only a representative sample.

Workers returned Thursday to start making the ice cream mix for half-gallon containers of Sealtest, Breyer's and Light 'n' Lively ice cream.