NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) _ The Navy thought Joey Pina would be a prime prospect so it invited him to join up and see the world.

But the Navy made a quick about-face when it found out Joey is 10 years old.

Joey said he isn't ready to join up as a fifth-grader.

''My mother wasn't too hot on the idea, either,'' he added.

The Navy says it sent Joey a personalized invitation to sign up believing that he was 19.

''We use the census list to get names and dates of birth. Either we made a gross error or there was a misprint in the census,'' said recruiter Howard Carroll.

A check with City Hall showed that Joey, born June 21, 1976, was listed with a June 21, 1967, birthdate.

The Navy's recent recruiting effort may not have been for nothing however, because Joey said, ''I think I might join the Navy someday.''