BALTIMORE (AP) _ Shirley Povich, the 92-year-old columnist for The Washington Post, was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital after collapsing prior to Game 6 of the American League championship series.

A spokesman for the hospital said Thursday that Povich was resting comfortably after being admitted Wednesday night with dizziness and fainting. Povich was in fair condition but no other information was available at the family's request.

Povich collapsed as he entered the lobby at the media entrance to the Camden Yards ballpark. He was treated by paramedics at the scene and was taken to University of Maryland Medical Center, just a few blocks away. He underwent tests at the medical center's emergency room and later was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital.

When Povich passed out at the stadium, a doctor, three paramedics and three nurses from the first aid station near the lobby treated him.

``The patient was not breathing and had no pulse,'' said Christopher Caisse, a Baltimore city paramedic.

A nurse performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and revived Povich, who was alert before being taken to the medical center.

Aryeh J. Pessah, a doctor at the medical center, said that an irregular heartbeat caused the incident.

Povich, father of television broadcaster Maury Povich, celebrated his 75th anniversary with the paper this year and was still writing up to 50 columns a year for The Post after announcing his ``retirement'' in 1973.