HOUSTON (AP) _ Returning from a tour of the Grand Canyon, President Clinton visited Houston to help raise money for a key House supporter and to bolster state Democrats.

The president was the keynote speaker at a $100,000 fund-raiser for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, who was a vocal defender of Clinton's on the Judiciary Committee when the House impeached him in 1998.

``The best thing about her is she fights,'' Clinton said, ``and she doesn't give up.''

Clinton walked a block through an opulent Houston neighborhood to the second fund-raiser of the evening, which was held at the home of John Eddie Williams, one of the plaintiff attorneys involved in the 1998 tobacco settlement.

The event at Williams' house raised $125,000 for the Texas Legislative Victory Fund, a committee established to boost Democrats in elections across the state in 2000.

Democrats control the state House, while Republicans control the Senate and the governor's chair is occupied by Republican George W. Bush.

Clinton said that good economic times have given the nation an opportunity to shore up its future, and he suggested that more Democrats were needed in Congress to make key decisions. ``I don't want to see us squander this opportunity,'' he said.