Undated (AP) _ American Airlines and Northwest Airlines said Tuesday they will match increases in domestic air fares implemented by other U.S. carriers to offset rising fuel costs.

On Monday, Continental Airlines and United Airlines followed Trans World Airline's lead in increasing ticket prices on domestic routes between $3 and $7 on all one-way tickets and between $6 and $14 on roundtrip tickets written on or after June 19.

The amount of the fare increase would depend on the distance traveled, with longer distance flights carrying a higher increase, officials said.

American was uncertain on whether to list the increase on tickets as a separate surcharge as TWA said it would do or simply roll it into the total ticket price as Continental and United said they would do, American spokesman Steve McGregor said.

Northwest said in a statement the increase will be built into the airline's fare structure.

In announcing the fare hike last Thursday, TWA said the increase was needed to cover fuel cost increases between November and April of more than 20 percent, or from 43.9 cents per gallon to 53 cents a gallon.