MOSCOW (AP) _ President Boris Yeltsin discussed domestic and foreign policy in a meeting with his prime minister outside Moscow on Wednesday, the Interfax news agency said.

No other details were available about the meeting between Yeltsin and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. It took place at Yeltsin's Rus presidential retreat, where he is recovering from the flu, according to the presidential press service.

Yeltsin moved to the residence Tuesday to continue recuperating from the illness that put him in the hospital over the weekend.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Yakushkin called Putin's visit to the residence, located 75 miles outside Moscow, an extended working meeting, according to Interfax.

Yeltsin has been hospitalized for numerous ailments in recent years, including an ulcer, back problems, pneumonia and bronchitis. In 1996 he underwent quintuple bypass surgery.

Though critics say Yeltsin should step down because of his health problems, the president insists he is in good shape and will stay in office until his term ends next summer.