renewed its call to ban boxing after a Filipino fighter sustained serious head injuries in a weekend bout.

Fernando Piccio remained in serious condition at Royal Brisbane Hospital on Tuesday, three days after he was knocked out in the seventh round of a lightweight bout with Australia's Selwyn Currie in Toowoomba.

The 22-year-old figher sustained a a suspected brain hemorrhage after the bout and was taken to Toowoomba General Hospital for treatment. He was transferred to the Royal Brisbane Hospital early Sunday.

Stephen Phillips, president of the Queensland branch of the AMA, said his organization would like to see boxing eliminated.

``It is a sport that is designed to damage somebody's brain _ and that doesn't seem to make sense from anybody's point of view,'' Phillips said.

The hospital said Tuesday that Piccio's condition was unchanged. ``He remains dangerously ill and unconscious,'' the statement said.

Australian National Boxing Federation secretary Derek Milham said Piccio remained on a life-support machine, but said doctors had advised him they do not plan immediate surgery.

Milham said the hospital had told the ANBF there was pressure inside Piccio's head, but no significant blood clotting. Doctors said they were trying to drain excess fluid from the fighter's head.

Piccio was counted out by referee Wally Lewis after slipping down the ropes following a flurry of punches from Currie. Piccio was taken to the dressing room on a stretcher after being attended to by a doctor, but then vomited and collapsed.