OTTAWA (AP) _ The Ottawa Senators have no immediate plans to move next season, but they will stay at a price.

They are increasing the cost of season tickets 17 percent in an attempt to raise money. A federal government plan to bail out the six Canadian NHL teams collapsed last month.

``We are giving our fans and corporate sponsors the final say on if we stay or go,'' owner Rod Bryden said Monday. ``We now have to look to our revenues to see if this team is viable.''

Bryden said in December that in the absence of help from the federal government the franchise was up for sale and probably would move to the United States.

But he pulled the Senators off the open market Jan. 18 after a four-year subsidy was announced. But three days later the package was withdrawn. Since then, Bryden has been weighing his options.

He has given corporate and individual season-ticket holders until Feb. 10 to show their commitment by renewing for next season. Individual seat holders will pay at least 7 percent more.

Ottawa ticket prices range from $13 to $86, averaging about $37, according to NHL figures. A 17 percent hike would add $6 to the Senators average, still below the league average price of about $44.