SEATTLE (AP) _ A fire that started on a 54-foot pleasure boat roared through a covered dock and destroyed more than a dozen vessels _ some of them wooden classics _ at one of the city's oldest boat clubs.

No one was injured in Tuesday night's blaze at the Seattle Yacht Club. One fireman fell in the water as crews retreated from the collapsing dock roof.

About seven boats sank and 20 were damaged. No damage estimate was available and the cause of the fire was under investigation.

More than 70 firefighters responded after diners in the clubhouse spotted flames. Club staff raced onto the dock with fire extinguishers before firefighters arrived but could not keep the roof from catching fire.

The boats ``are kind of stacked up like firewood, and it spread from one to the other,'' said Dr. Curran Smith.

The club, opened in a shack built on cedar logs in 1892, has more than 2,800 members.