JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) _ A woman who called 911 after the shootings outside Westside Middle School told an emergency dispatcher frantically that the shots ``came from everywhere,'' a tape released Thursday shows.

Authorities played a tape of several calls that came in within minutes after shots rang out on pupils who had been lured outside by a fake fire alarm Tuesday afternoon. Four pupils and a teacher died and 11 were wounded. Two boys were being held as suspects.

``We need an ambulance as soon as possible ...,'' the woman tells the dispatcher. ``There's been blood loss. People with blood lost.''

Another caller, a man, reported, ``We have a teacher down and several students down. I don't know the details.''

The operator asks the woman caller if she knew who had done the shooting, and the woman replies that she didn't.

``They came from everywhere,'' the woman said.

``They came from everywhere?'' the dispatcher said.

``Yes, ma'am. We went out for a fire drill.''

By then, an ambulance was already en route, the dispatcher told the woman.

Ambulances and officers began arriving within three or four minutes, authorities said.