CLEVELAND (AP) _ While the Marlins and Indians keep alternating wins, World Series television ratings have been consistent _ all of them are way down.

Cleveland's 10-3 victory over Florida in Game 4 Wednesday night got a 15.5 rating and 26 share on NBC, Nielsen Media research said Thursday. The rating was the second-lowest ever for a Game 4 in prime time, ahead of only the 14.7 for the final game of the earthquake-interrupted World Series between Oakland and San Francisco in 1989.

This year's rating was down 13 percent from the 17.9 for last year's Game 4 between the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees and down 22 percent from Game 4 of the 1995 Series between the Indians and Braves.

While acting commissioner Bud Selig had predicted an improvement in ratings Wednesday, Game 4's rating was slightly below the 15.6 rating and 27 share for Game 3 on Tuesday night.

Through four games, the World Series is averaging a 14.4 rating and 25 share, down 13 percent from last year's four-game average of a 16.5 rating and 27 share and 25 percent below 1995's four-game average of a 19.1 rating and 32 share.

Cleveland and Florida are on track for the lowest-rated World Series since records began in 1959. The current low is the 16.4 for Oakland's sweep of San Francisco in 1989.

Wednesday night's game got a 12.5 rating and 19 share in New York, a 10.3 rating and 16 share in Chicago and a 15.1 rating and 26 share in Los Angeles.

It had an extraordinary 53.3 rating and 70 share in Cleveland, with the rating up from a 51.2 for Game 3 on Tuesday night, when the share was 71.

In Miami, Game 4 had a 38.3 rating and 55 share, down from a 41.6 rating and 62 share for the third game.

The rating is the percentage of television households in the nation tuned to a program, and each point represents 980,000 homes. The share is the percentage watching a broadcast among those televisions on at the time.