STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ The Swedish government proposed Thursday that victims of its previous forced-sterilization program receive compensation payments of $21,000 apiece.

The plan was prepared by the Social Affairs Department and sent to a panel of jurists for legal review. It will be presented later to parliament for final approval.

The proposal reflects recommendations made in January by a government-appointed commission appointed after a newspaper reported on the sterilizations that took place from 1935-75.

According to the articles, many of the sterilizations were performed on people regarded as having undesirable characteristics.

The sterilizations were in line with the concept of ``eugenics'' _ selective breeding to improve the human stock. Although eugenics was an idea accepted by many worldwide in the 1930s and '40s, the sterilizations came in severe contrast to Sweden's ideal of a welfare state that cares for all.

The commission's report said nearly 63,000 sterilizations were performed during the 40-year period, but it was unclear how many of them were forced.

Under the proposal, those believing they were victims of the forced sterilizations must apply for the compensation themselves.