SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. (AP) _ An Army private infected with the AIDS virus and facing a possible court- martial was told he should use condoms during sex but was never ordered to do so, military officials testified Wednesday.

The testimony came in a hearing to determine whether Pfc. Adrian G. Morris Jr. should face court-martial for allegedly having sex with two soldiers - one male, one female - without using a condom even though he carries the virus.

''They are not given a direct order that says, 'Soldier, never have sex again,''' said Dr. Warren A. Todd Jr., the colonel who commands the hospital at Fort Huachuca.

Morris is in the first stage of developing the deadly disease, said Todd, an expert on the virus, which attacks the body's immune system.

People with the AIDS virus can give sex partners up to a 50 percent chance of picking up the virus, Todd said.

The military says Morris has been infected with the acquired acquired immune deficiency syndrome virus but does not have AIDS itself.

Morris, 27, of Caseyville, Ill., is accused of two counts of aggravated assault, one count of sodomy and two counts of conduct bringing discredit on the military for the alleged sex acts.

He faces up to 11 years in prison, in addition to loss of pay and dishonorable discharge, if court-martialed and convicted.

Later Wednesday, Capt. Gaylen G. Whatcott, the prosecutor told the officer presiding over the hearing that additional charges could be filed as soon as Thursday.

Whatcott did not elaborate beyond saying that testimony might be sought from people from Oklahoma, Tucson and Fort Huachuca.

The investigating officer, Lt. Col. Dennis Whisker, suspended the hearing and tentatively scheduled it to resume Monday.

Records show that Morris was instructed in July in using prophylactics, testified Dr. Michael White, the base hospital's chief of internal medicine. White did not elaborate.

Maj. Sandra Stephenson, chief of preventive medical services at the base, said she recommended to Morris last summer that he inform past sex partners of his condition and use condoms during sex.

On Tuesday, two soldiers testified that they had had sex with Morris without being informed he carried the AIDS virus.

One of the soldiers, Spec. 4 Patricia Pruitt, 21, of Atlanta, said she became pregnant by Morris in October. She said she loved Morris and wanted to marry him and bear his child.

The other soldier, Pfc. Anthony Baldwin, 19, of Pittsburgh, said he had a one-time homosexual encounter with Morris last month.

Ms. Stephenson said that when she interviewed Morris on July 9 he gave her the names of two sex partners, neither of them Pruitt.

One of the people listed was Morris' former fiancee, Ms. Stephenson said.

Defense lawyer Edward Rheinheimer told reporters during a break that if Morris' case went to court-martial it would come out that Morris got the AIDS virus from a non-military fiancee.