OWINGS MILLS, Md. (AP) _ Baltimore Ravens defensive end Michael McCrary returned to the team Wednesday morning after skipping the last two days of practice over a contract dispute.

McCrary, who had 14.5 sacks last season, left the team Saturday upset with efforts to negotiate a contract extension.

``I left because I was frustrated. I wanted to make a point,'' McCrary said. ``I hope the fans understand this is the ugly side of football. It's something I don't like, but you have to go through it every now and then. But I've come back and I'm really looking forward to practicing next week and helping us win this first game in St. Louis.''

The 29-year-old McCrary hasn't practiced much with the Ravens since the start of training camp because he is recovering from offseason knee surgery. McCrary has yet to play in a preseason game with the Ravens, who are 3-0 during camp, and he won't see action in Friday's exhibition game against the Giants.

``I'm glad to have him back, the key now is to get ready for the Giants game,'' coach Brian Billick said. ``Unfortunately he won't be able to participate there, but we'll still get some good out of today's workout and he'll start fresh next Tuesday.''

McCrary is in the final year of a three-year contract. He wants a five or six-year deal for about $6 million a year, including a $13 million signing bonus. The Ravens have offered similar money but only an $11.5 signing bonus. McCrary has said if he doesn't get an extension before the season opener, Sept. 12 in St. Louis, he will test the free agent market.

``I'm confident that my agent and the Ravens will come to a fair-market deal before the season starts,'' McCrary said.