ST. LOUIS (AP) _ Solutia Inc. filed a lawsuit against FMC Corp. on Tuesday seeking more than $322 million in damages for the alleged failure of a technology provided by FMC to Astaris, a joint venture of the two companies.

The lawsuit claims FMC's purified phosphoric acid technology was never successfully used to make food-grade phosphoric acid at a plant in southeastern Idaho. Astaris said last Friday it was closing the Idaho plant and three others.

Astaris spokeswoman Stacey Castiglia said last week the decision was spurred by the poor economy and an excess supply of the product on the market.

Phosphates are used in many household products such as soft drinks or baking powder.

Philadelphia-based FMC and St. Louis-based Astaris did not return messages left after business hours Tuesday.

Shares of Solutia closed up 10 cents at $3.10 Tuesday, while shares of FMC were up 30 cents to $28.11, both in trading on the New York Stock Exchange.