SALT LAKE CITY (AP) _ A federal magistrate ordered prosecutors to consider providing more information behind the felony charges against former Salt Lake Olympic executives Tom Welch and Dave Johnson.

Magistrate Ronald Boyce told Justice Department trial attorneys to show more of their case before he rules on a defense motion asking for a bill of particulars from the government.

A bill of particulars would commit the government to a set of facts and a prosecution theory, giving the defense more certainty at the trial set for June.

``We want to lock them down so they can't change (prosecution) theories in midstream,'' Johnson's lawyer, Max Wheeler, said Wednesday.

Boyce's ruling, dated Friday when he held a telephone conference with lawyers on both sides, was filed by clerks Wednesday.

Boyce gave the lawyers until Dec. 13 to try to work out a compromise over the defense demand.

Welch, the bid chief, and Johnson, his deputy, were accused of paying $1 million in cash, gifts, travel, scholarships and other inducements to IOC members who award the lucrative Olympic Games to competing cities.

In 1995, Salt Lake City won the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Welch and Johnson were indicted by a grand jury last July for conspiring to violate a Utah law prohibiting commercial bribery. The defense contends that bribery law, meant to fight commercial kickback schemes, was misapplied.

The two also were indicted for travel, mail and wire fraud. In all, Welch and Johnson each face 15 felony charges punishable by 75 years in prison.