CLEVELAND (AP) _ A woman pulled a gun at a gate of the city's airport Friday, shot two people and then fled with a hostage onto a Pan American World Airways jet, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Two police officers were aboard the plane attempting to talk the woman into surrendering.

FAA spokesman Dennis Feldman said the unidentified woman was going through a metal detector at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport at about 3 p.m. when officials noticed she was carrying a weapon and attempted to halt her.

Feldman said ''there are passengers aboard the (Pan Am) plane, but no crew.''

He said that when officials tried to stop the woman, ''she drew a weapon and shot two people, took a hostage and went aboard a parked Pan Am plane at the gate.''

The plane was Flight 558, which had stopped on its route from Cincinnati to New York.

Crew members were able to evacuate most of the 20 passengers on board through a rear exit, Pan Am spokesman James A. Arey, said by telephone from New York.

Arey saidone of the victims was a gate agent. He said the woman fired four shots after the agent tried to follow her.

A nearby hospital said only one person had been admitted so far and that person was a flight attendant.

The victim was identified as Jeanette Rivera, 32, a flight attendant from Bay Shore, N.Y., said Muriel Hardy, a spokeswoman at Southwest General Hospital in Cleveland.

''She has a small-caliber gunshot wound to the left hip,'' Ms. Hardy said. ''Her condition is fair. The physician described it as a superficial flesh wound.''