MILWAUKEE (AP) _ Harley-Davidson Inc. is giving a thumbs-down to an X-rated movie that shows sex acts on its motorcycles and on rugs bearing its logo.

Scenes from the movie tarnish Harley-Davidson's reputation and may mislead the public into thinking Harley authorized the film, the company said in a lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court Monday, asks the court to order the producers to turn over to Harley-Davidson all copies of the movie as well as a list of all purchasers of the film.

The movie was filmed at a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership in Marina Del Rey, Calif., according to the lawsuit. Harley-Davison officials, based in Milwaukee, have sent the dealer a scolding letter, saying any repeat performance could lead to cancellation of the dealer's Harley licenses.

Anabolic Video Productions, of Venice, Calif., released the film last July for national distribution, according to the lawsuit.

A man who answered the telephone Tuesday at Anabolic Video refused to comment to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.