EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) _ That water-bottle squirt is now costing Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss only $25,000.

The NFL reduced the fine from $40,000 but added a stipulation that he would have to pay the difference, in addition to any future fine, if he has another disrespectful encounter with an official.

Moss was fined in January for his conduct during an NFC divisional playoff game against St. Louis. Standing near the bench in the fourth quarter, Moss squirted liquid from the bottle at field judge Jim Saracino following an incomplete pass intended for him. The fine was high because it was Moss' second violation against an official.

In November, the league fined Moss $10,000 for excessive verbal abuse of an official.

Moss' agent, Dante DiTrapano, said he had sought to have the $40,000 fine halved.