Positions of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on whether federal tax dollars should be used to help parents send their children to private schools:



Bill Bradley: No, although he voted as senator for experimental voucher programs.

Vice President Al Gore: No. Favors more choice among public schools.



Gary Bauer: Yes, and for home schooling as well.

Pat Buchanan: Yes.

Gov. George W. Bush: Yes. Would take federal money from poorly performing schools and let parents use it for private schooling, tutoring or ``whatever offers hope.''

Elizabeth Dole: Yes.

Steve Forbes: Yes, and for home schooling as well.

Sen. Orrin Hatch: Yes.

Alan Keyes: No known position.

Sen. John McCain: Yes. School vouchers worth $2,000 for disadvantaged children under three-year, $5.4 billion program to be paid for by eliminating ethanol, sugar, gas and oil subsidies.

Dan Quayle: Yes.