MONTREAL (AP) _ Home-ice advantage for the 1985 Stanley Cup finals will go to the Prince of Wales Conference champions as a result of victories Thursday by Philadelphia, Montreal and Boston against Clarence Campbell Conference teams, the National Hockey League said.

The three wins improved the Wales inter-conference record to 148 wins, 135 losses and 37 ties in 320 games. A total of 330 of the 840 NHL games are inter-conference, and the results of those matches determines the home-ice advantage for the finals.

The conference championships feature the playoff winners from each of the four divisions and the home-ice advantage for those series is determined by inter-division records.

The Adams Division champion has earned the extra home game against the Patrick Division in the Wales Conference, while the Smythe Division winner has the advantage against the Norris Division in the Campbell Conference.

The 1985 Stanley Cup playoffs begin April 10, with eight best-of-five division semifinal series.