MIAMI (AP) _ The burger wars will heat up Wednesday when Burger King unveils its crispier french fry.

Miami-based Burger King, hoping to burn archrival McDonalds's Corp. with the updated french fry. The new fry will be unveiled in New York City Wednesday morning.

``It will be our largest product launch in history,'' said Kim Miller, a spokeswoman for Miami-based Burger King. ``Certainly we're very excited about it.''

Burger King's objective?

To topple McDonald's, reigning monarch of deep fried spuds.

Burger King has spent nearly two years ``testing and reformulating to get it right,'' the Chicago Tribune reported in November.

The Tribune report, citing unidentified sources, said the rollout of the new french fries would include an ad featuring Mr. Potato Head.

Those same sources, according to the article, said Burger King's new fries ``include a batter-like coating on the spud that makes the fries crispier and hold up longer ...''

McDonald's, too, is aware of Burger King's planned assault on its long, thin, crispy french fries.

In recent weeks, the fast-food giant has been promoting its fries, even airing a television ad showing Burger King fries while playing the 1950s love ballad ``The Great Pretender.''