WASHINGTON (AP) _ Speaking from behind bars, President Clinton's former Whitewater business partner offered her own bit of advice for Monica Lewinsky.

``I think I would tell her there are worse things than jail, that she needs to do what she needs to do to live with herself the rest of her life, to tell the truth,'' said Susan McDougal, in an interview from prison on ``Dateline NBC.'' ``She should not compromise her integrity.''

McDougal and ex-husband Jim McDougal owned the Arkansas savings and loan that has been the focus of much of the Whitewater investigation. She was convicted of four felonies at her 1996 fraud trial; her ex-husband of 18. He cut a deal with prosecutors. She refused, and was jailed for contempt of court for refusing to answer questions in the Whitewater probe. Prosecutors also want Ms. Lewinsky to cooperate. So far, she won't talk.

In the interview, McDougal also provided some views on the controversy surrounding the White House.

The president is ``a flirt. ... but I've never seen anything more than that,'' McDougal said.

McDougal said the president ``loves people. I've seen him grab 90-year-old women and pick them up and toss them around and be happy to see them. And he's an awful flirt.''