BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) _ Prime Minister Rashid Solh resigned along with his Cabinet on Thursday after five months in office, as required by the constitution following the nation's first parliamentary elections in 20 years.

The press office of Syrian-backed President Elias Hrawi said he accepted the resignation and asked Solh to stay on as caretaker premier until a new government is formed.

A new 128-member Parliament, composed equally of Muslims and Christians, will take its seats Friday. It is dominated by Syria's supporters.

Consultations to name a new prime minister will begin after Parliament elects a speaker.

A peace accord brokered by the Arab League ended Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war by giving Muslims an equal share of power with the long-dominant Christians. It also provides for withdrawal of Syrian troops from Beirut to east Lebanon's Bekaa Valley two years after political reforms are ratified.

Syrian troops entered Lebanon in a peacekeeping role under an Arab League mandate during the civil war.

Solh, a Sunni Muslim, is regarded by the local media as favorite to form a new government. Any government that emerges will face the difficult task of handling Lebanon's worst economic crisis since 1943 independence from France.