PITTSBURGH (AP) _ A Turkish student who survived a shooting that killed a friend denied that he and the dead man had romantic expectations when they were driven to a remote spot by the two women charged in the case.

Suat Erdogan, 25, testified Wednesday for the second day in the trial of Charmaine Pfender, 18, of Pittsburgh, and Sara Mae Richardson, 20, of Imperial, who are charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault.

Prosecutors say the women shot the two men on the dirt road the night of Aug. 7, buried Engin Aydin, 24, who died of multiple wounds, and left Erdogan for dead. Erdogan said he wandered bleeding through the woods before finding help the next morning.

Defense lawyers asked Erdogan repeatedly if he and Aydin had been drinking the day of the shootings and what they had expected to happen when the women drove them to a remote dirt road about five miles west of Pittsburgh.

''They were our friends,'' Erdogan said, insisting that he ''never thought of going and parking somewhere and kissing.''

Erdogan had testified Tuesday that the four had gone to a downtown bar, where they paired off, himself with Miss Richardson and Aydin with Miss Pfender, and kissed their dates.

''Weren't you going to attempt to continue what you had begun?'' asked Miss Pfender's attorney, William Brennan. ''You weren't opposed to it happening again - kissing and hugging in a parked car?''

''I never been taking your idea,'' replied Erdogan, whose poor English slowed testimony and frequently frustrated Brennan. ''I didn't have expectations.''

Miss Pfender's mother, Donna, said shortly after the women's arrest that her daughter told her she acted in self-defense, and the defense attorneys said Erdogan initially told police that Aydin hit Miss Pfender before she shot him.

''Isn't that what happened - that (Miss Pfender) fired the gun in the air after ... being hit by your companion?'' asked Brennan.

''Engin has never punched the girl,'' Erdogan replied.

Erdogan said he had dated occasionally in Turkey but had never before dated an American woman. He said he and Aydin came to Pittsburgh from Turkey in 1984 to study English and since had spent most of their time in classes and doing homework.

''Would it be unusual in Turkey on the second date you were out with a young woman that you would kiss?'' asked Larry Gaitens, Miss Richardson's attorney.

''It depends on the girl,'' Erdogan replied, prompting a wave of laughter.