BELLEVILLE, Ontario (AP) _ Tobin Belanger went window shopping to find his high school prom date.

And while she may be a little stiff dancing in that fancy black dress he's picked out for her, Belanger says she's no dummy.

She's a store front mannequin.

Belanger claims she agreed to be his date after he promised to lavish her with a limousine, a corsage and an evening spent gliding across the dance floor when Nicholson Catholic College throws its graduation finale June 23.

He's named her Jen.

``I figure it will be hard to dance that night, but we'll manage,'' said the student and aspiring artist.

``It'll be more fun for her than standing in some store front window.''

Belanger admits his fellow students may deem his choice in women a bit eccentric but he said he likes being presumed odd.

``Sometimes people think I'm strange but I want them to. I like it when people refer to me as weird. I've enjoyed the smiles and stares I've got from people when I walk down the street with Jen.''

When asked if his attempt to throw artistic flair on a gala evening was simply a thinly-veiled case of being hard up for a date, Belanger caved in.

``It's a little bit of both. I was going to take a friend but she met a new boyfriend so I was desperate for a date.''

If Jen had refused, he had a backup date _ Marie _ another mannequin he owns. Marie starred in a high school movie production he directed earlier this year.