LONDON (AP) _ Horror classic ``The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'' will finally be screened at British theaters, nearly a quarter century after it was rejected by censors for being too shocking.

The film, which inspired a generation of slasher flicks, is now set to hit theaters nationwide April 9 after it was approved for movie-goers 18 and over by the British Board of Film Classification. It was presented to the board again in preparation for its 25th anniversary re-release.

The board's president Andreas Whittam Smith said Tuesday that much of the film's notoriety in Britain arose from its rejection by censors in 1975.

``For modern young adults accustomed to the macabre shocks of horror films through the 1980s and 1990s, 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is unlikely to be particularly challenging,'' Smith said.

``The board's conclusion, after careful consideration, was that any possible harm that might arise in terms of the effect upon a modern audience would be more than sufficiently countered by the unrealistic, even absurd nature of the action itself,'' he said.

Based on true events that also inspired Alfred Hitchcock's ``Psycho,'' the film features a chainsaw-wielding homicidal maniac in rural Texas.

Earlier this year, the film board approved the 1973 film ``The Exorcist'' for release on video for the first time in Britain.