NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ A man who had a running dispute with his neighbors over yardwork put down his Bible and picked up his gun, fatally shooting a woman as she swept her sidewalk and injuring her husband as he mowed the lawn.

Melvin Hitchens, 66, had been sitting on his front porch reading the Bible on Saturday before he went inside, fetched his .45-caliber handgun and shot the couple, police said.

Darryl Jett was shot in the chest as he mowed about 9 a.m. Donna Jett was sweeping crape myrtle blossoms from the sidewalk and saw the shooting, yelling ``You're crazy'' at the gunman, witnesses said.

Police said she and Hitchens sparred, then he fired several rounds into her.

A neighbor, Frances Rhyans, said Hitchens reloaded his gun and shot Donna Jett again after she was already lying on the ground.

``She put her hand up,'' Rhyans said. `` She looked like she was trying to say `Please don't shoot anymore.' But he reloaded and shot her three more times.''

Darryl Jett, whose age was not immediately available, was released Sunday from the hospital.

Hitchens was booked on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Daryl Hubbart, Hitchens' nephew, said the Jetts and his uncle had a continuing dispute about their yards, and said the Jetts often had threatened his uncle. Nearby residents agreed that the neighbors had fought over the yards and the cleanliness of the gutters.