TRIBUNE, Kan. (AP) _ Tess ''Tweety'' Twietmeyer has graduated from high school, 78 years after she dropped out.

The 94-year-old Twietmeyer was honored with the rest of Greeley County High School's 1988 class after completing her General Education Development course.

About 150 people attended a reception for her, celebrating under a banner that said ''Congratulations, Tweety.'' Her four children and 12 of her 18 grandchildren traveled to Tribune in western Kansas for Sunday's event. President Reagan sent a telegram.

Twietmeyer said her daughter first suggested she finish high school. Her instructor, Carol Coe, said she could quit any time if she didn't like it.

''So I thought, 'Well, I guess it's worth a try,'' Twietmeyer said.

Her course of study included reading, writing, social studies, science and math. She said she always liked math, but had doubts about the other subjects.

''I got excited about it and studied really hard,'' said Twietmeyer, whose husband died in 1948.

Her GED papers show that she scored a 47.4, more than twice the average score.

Twietmeyer, who dropped out of school at age 16 because of recurring ear aches and sore throats, said she keeps busy by playing bridge and drums in a senior citizens band. She also exercises every day.

'I'm busy all the time,'' she said. ''I do everything myself. I keep active, and I walk everywhere. I don't drive.''