GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) _ He was visible for less than half a minute, and that was long enough to drive the girls into a frenzy.

Lance Bass of the dreamy vocal group 'N Sync appeared at the Fun Fourth Festival on Tuesday to introduce country singer Meredith Edwards, a childhood friend and the first artist signed to his record label.

Well before his scheduled appearance, girls crowded the sides of the stage and, blocked by police tape, stared longingly at his tour bus.

``We'll just follow him wherever we can,'' said 13-year-old Amanda Downes, who rushed the stage with a 12-year-old friend.

When he finally appeared, Bass greeted the crowd, introduced Edwards, waved and left the stage. It lasted 26 seconds.

``I think I saw the back of his head!'' shrieked Danielle Marchione, 18.