NEW YORK (AP) _ Bill Cosby doesn't want a rerun of the O.J. Simpson murder investigation and trial when his son's killer is caught.

``I want it laid out,'' Cosby says of evidence collected in the death of his son, Ennis Cosby, 27, shot to death Jan. 16 while changing a tire just off a freeway in Los Angeles. There have been no arrests.

``I don't want it to be, `Well, they took the blood and dropped the sock,''' Cosby says in an unaired segment of his interview with CBS News anchorman Dan Rather, which is described in TV Guide's latest issue.

Cosby says he wants the evidence so airtight that ``Johnnie Cochran or anybody else'' who defends the accused won't have a prayer of acquittal.

He also said he wants any defense lawyer who takes the case to be so sure of his client's innocence that if he loses the case, the lawyer would be willing to take the same punishment as the accused.

In describing Ennis' funeral, Cosby said the family planted a pine tree in his memory and told Ennis during the ceremony that they planned to light the tree every Christmas and on family birthdays.

The funeral celebrated his son's sense of humor, Cosby said.

``We walked back up the hill we had walked down (to the grave), and I turned to my brother, Russell, and I said, `Don't you feel very light?' And Russell said, `Yeah, I feel light, I feel happy.'''


NEW YORK _ John Tesh, who was scorned for his gushy commentary during Olympic gymnastics competition last summer, has been asked by NBC to return for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, according to TV Guide.

Tesh, who rose to prominence as co-anchor of the syndicated ``Entertainment Tonight'' series, said he has no regrets about his work in Atlanta. ``But that's just the way I am,'' he said in the March 1 issue of the magazine.

Tesh, whose career focus is on his work as a pianist and composer, is preparing for the March premiere of ``The Avalon Concert'' on PBS. His 1995 ``Live at Red Rocks'' program, broke previous PBS pledge drive records.


GENEVA (AP) _ Romania's exiled King Michael, celebrating the restoration of his Romanian citizenship after nearly 50 years, plans a six-day visit to his homeland later this week.

Michael, 74, and his wife, Anne, who live in the lakeside village of Versoix, near Geneva, will arrive Friday in Bucharest for the largely ceremonial trip, according to a statement issued by his office.

Michael was forced to abdicate in 1947 when the Communists, backed by Soviet troops, seized power. His citizenship was revoked the following year.

Announcing that all those born in Romania had a constitutional right to be Romanian, the government of President Emil Constantinescu on Friday gave Michael back his citizenship.

Tens of thousands of Romanians greeted Michael when he made a brief visit in 1992, although there is little popular support for a return to the monarchy.


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Nine months after overdosing on heroin and cocaine, Depeche Mode lead singer David Gahan appeared before a judge to report his completing a court-ordered drug rehabilitation program.

``I'm doing good,'' Gahan, 34, said Friday after a review hearing. In August, Gahan began treatment at the Exodus House rehabilitation center in Marina del Rey, following his arrest in May after the overdose.

Drug charges against him will be dropped if Gahan completes his outpatient program.

Depeche Mode, a British band formed in 1980, is known for such hits as ``Just Can't Get Enough'' and ``Personal Jesus.''


BONN, Germany (AP) _ Til Schweiger, one of Germany's hottest movie stars, is reportedly going to make his Hollywood debut with a small role in a film starring Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino.

Schweiger, 33, says he will have ``just a walk-on part'' in ``The Replacement Killers,'' to be produced by John Woo, Focus magazine said Sunday.

Schweiger is a star in a new wave of lighter German movies that are trying to overcome the national cinema's reputation for heavy, dark fare. His latest hit, ``Knocking on Heaven's Door,'' is an action comedy.