BERLIN (AP) _ The United States and Europe are stepping up efforts to shut off sources of financing for terrorism but need to coordinate their efforts more closely, Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said Tuesday.

O'Neill was in Berlin as part of a four-day visit to Europe to press officials to tighten cooperation on tracking and seizing the assets and resources of suspected terror groups.

``I am very pleased with the action Germany has taken in working on the issues of terrorist finance,'' O'Neill said at a news conference with German Finance Minister Hans Eichel. ``We will identify terrorists; we will identify where they are getting their money and we will shut it down,'' O'Neill said.

Treasury officials want European nations to act simultaneously with Washington to freeze assets, so terrorists can't move funds to avoid seizure. O'Neill also urged more countries to produce lists of terrorist suspects to reinforce the international effort to root out terror groups.

``We've now had lists coming from other countries and I think you will see identification coming from other countries, and in fact joint action will be taken in the not too distant future,'' he said.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington, the United States has been working closely with other nations to stop the flow of money to terrorist networks.

Last year, Germany passed a barrage of anti-terror laws, including setting up a central agency with the task of discovering and tracking financial flows that could benefit terror organizations.