CLEVELAND (AP) _ For Beth Hudson and others who grew up with playground taunts about being adopted, the sarcastic greeting card she spotted was no funny Valentine.

``Valentine's Day is a day for love,'' she said. ``It's not a day to play cruel, hateful jokes.''

American Greetings, responding to the complaints that began last month, has apologized and discontinued a Valentine's card that shows a cartoon cat saying, ``Sis, even if you were adopted, I'd still love you ...''

On the inside: ``... not that you are, of course. At least I don't think so. But, come to think of it, you don't really look like Mom or Dad. Gee, maybe you should get a DNA test or something. Oh well, don't worry about it. We all love you, even if your real parents don't. Happy Valentine's Day!''

Ms. Hudson, who spotted the card on American Greetings' Internet site, wasn't laughing.

``When you're given up for adoption, you're given up out of love to have a chance for a better life,'' said Ms. Hudson, 32. ``It's not because they hate you or didn't love you.''

American Greetings spokeswoman Laurie Henrichsen wouldn't say how many complaints were received, but said it was enough to be a problem.

``It was intended to be off-the-wall, totally ridiculous humor,'' she said. ``The copy was never meant to be taken literally.''

The card is hardly the only sarcastic Valentine on the market, but it's the first in about three years to be discontinued, said Marianne McDermott, executive vice president of the Greeting Card Association in Washington.

``It happens rarely because humor is a big part of greeting cards,'' she said. ``I think different age groups have different humor that attracts them, and it's really hard to have cards out there that appeal to everyone.''