STEVENS POINT, Wis. (AP) _ Question: What is the number of the Boy Scout troop to which Opie Taylor belonged on ''The Andy Griffith Show?''

Answer: 44.

Q: How many calories are in an 11-ounce box of S'Mores Pop Tarts?

A: 1,200.

Q: Where is the world's largest trivia contest?

A: Stevens Point, Wis.

Q: Where?

Teams from around the country gathered in the central Wisconsin city this weekend to field eight trivial questions an hour for 54 hours during the annual marathon competition.

The contest is coordinated by WWSP, the student radio station at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

WWSP and the American Trivia Association call it the world's largest trivia contest. It registered 535 teams and 11,836 players this year, said Jim Oliva, one of the question editors.

''It's a lot of laughs,'' said Bob Helgert of Amherst, a player since the event was established 25 years ago. ''When you're that tired, you tend to laugh until you cry. Even the silliest things lead to laughter.''

From Friday evening until midnight Sunday, the station broadcast eight questions each hour. Teams scattered around the area listened to the radio and phoned in their answers. More than 100 people staffed 18 telephone lines at the station to record the replies.

To the participants, there's nothing trivial about the event.

''There are some of us who work all year waiting for this one weekend,'' said Lee Salawitch of Baltimore.