WARSAW, Poland — Russia says it has expelled several Polish diplomats in response to Poland's recent expulsion of Russians suspected of espionage. The tit-for-tat moves come as Poland and the Czech Republic say they have detected intensified efforts by Moscow's intelligence services to extend their influence in their countries. By Vanessa Gera. Sent 130 words. Upcoming: 450 words by 1700 GMT.


MOSCOW — Russia's president said he believes peace in Ukraine is possible but that neither side is fully holding up a truce struck in September. In an interview with German television broadcast late Sunday, Putin said he was convinced that it was possible to end the deadlock in east Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels have been battling Kiev's troops in a conflict that has claimed at least 4,000 lives since March. By Laura Mills. Sent 560 words, photos. AP Photos XAZ105-1116141226.


LONDON — Chickens were being slaughtered in the Netherlands and Britain was preparing to kill ducks after two cases of bird flu were discovered in Europe — but officials insisted Monday that the risk to public health was very low. British officials said they were investigating a case of the H5 bird flu virus in northern England, but noted it's not the more dangerous H5N1 strain. They said all 6,000 ducks at a breeding farm in the Driffield area of East Yorkshire will be killed and a restriction zone was being set up to prevent further spread of the infection. By Greg Katz. Sent 300 words. Upcoming 300 words with more details, photos.


LONDON — British Prime Minister David Cameron says "red warning lights are flashing" for the global economy. Hours earlier, Japan said it had unexpectedly fallen into recession. Here's a mobile-friendly look at the main threats to the global economy. By Danica Kirka, AP photos. 500 words by 1400 GMT


VIENNA — Iran and six world powers are closer than ever to a deal that would crimp Tehran's ability to make nuclear arms, end the sanctions crippling the Islamic republic and ease tensions that could boil over into a new Middle East war. Still, substantial differences remain. Here's a look at where things stand — and where they may go. By George Jahn. SENT 730 words, photos.


WARSAW, Poland — As Frederic Chopin gasped for air on his deathbed in Paris in 1849, he whispered a request that became the stuff of musical legend: Remove my heart after I die and entomb it in Poland, his native land. Ever since, the composer's body has rested in peace at the famed Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris — while his heart has endured a wild journey of intrigue and adulation. First it was sealed in a jar of liquor believed to be cognac. Then it was smuggled into Warsaw past Russian border guards. Once in his hometown, Chopin's heart passed through the hands of several relatives before being enshrined within a pillar in Holy Cross Church. During World War II it briefly fell into the clutches of the Nazis. The organ has been exhumed several times, most recently in a secret operation to check whether the tissue remains well preserved. By Vanessa Gera. Sent: 1,090 words with AP Photos


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has confirmed it: He will travel to the U.S. next year to participate in a rally for families in Philadelphia. Earlier this summer, Francis had said he hoped to make the September meeting. But he confirmed his presence at the World Meeting of Families during a speech Monday to an interreligious conference on traditional family values at the Vatican. By Nicole Winfield. SENT 130 words. AP Photos ALT105-1116141306. UPCOMING: 500 words by 1700 GMT.


LONDON — A Turkish-born law student has been found guilty in Britain of a terrorism-related offense after a rare semi-secret trial. The decision was reached by a jury last week but only made public Monday when the judge lifted reporting restrictions. SENT: 130 words.


WARSAW, Poland — A computer system failure is delaying returns from Poland's local elections while exit polls suggest the nationalist opposition winning in the countryside and the ruling party taking the big cities. Based on exit polls, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz has congratulated the opposition Law and Justice party for its apparent victory before the 2015 general election. Sent 130 words. AP Photos XCS1169-1116142220.


PARIS — France's top security official says a Frenchman suspected of joining fighters for the Islamic State group is believed to be among the killers in a video that showed a beheaded American aid worker and a dozen Syrian soldiers. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Monday that there is a "strong presumption" that Frenchman Maxime Hauchard is among the group of Islamic extremist fighters in the video released over the weekend. Sent 130 words.


BUCHAREST, Romania — A mayor who defeated Romania's prime minister in a presidential runoff said his victory signaled "a deep change" in Romania. As thousands of people in Bucharest celebrated his surprise victory over Victor Ponta, Klaus Iohannis said "the time for work has begun." Alison Mutler. AP Photos XRK102-1116141248, XRK103-1116141248, XAA805-1116141256.


PARIS — The Paris City Council votes on whether to allow a new skyscraper to grace the city's 19th-century skyline, in a vote that symbolizes the debate over whether Paris should be a museum city, or should it more open to modern architecture. Expected after 1230 GMT.


PRAGUE — Czechs are taking to the streets to mark the 25th anniversary of the end of communism by marches, rallies, concerts, exhibitions and theater performances. President Milos Zeman will host counterparts from Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia in unveiling a plaque and talking to students Monday. Sent 130 words. AP Photos PJO101-1117140607, PJO103-1117140609.


WARSAW — A state history institute launches a board game digging into the communist-era coupon rationing system, to help young people understand the absurdities and shortcomings of the past era. Their previous board game based on the communist queuing system was a great success. By Monika Scislowska. UPCOMING:250 words by 1500GMT. With AP Photos.


VIENNA — Vienna's school board is investigating the city's Saudi Arabian school for reportedly teaching anti-Semitism in a history class. The probe is linked to a report by an Austrian news magazine.