LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Robert Picardo doesn't mind some of the unusual encounters he's had with Trekkies at Star Trek conventions. He actually kind of enjoys them.

``To the loyal fans of `Star Trek,' we've become heroes, so we get to travel the world and meet the fans and be looked upon as though we know something more than mere mortals do, which in fact we don't,'' the ``Star Trek: Voyager'' co-star told AP Radio, jokingly. ``I remind them of that constantly.''

Picardo, who plays a doctor created by a holograph computer image, said he can't believe the show is ending after seven years. The last episode of ``Star Trek: Voyager,'' a two-hour series finale, airs May 23 on UPN.

``It's gone by in the blink of an eye,'' the 47-year-old actor said. ``I guess that's because it's been a wonderful experience.''