GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (AP) — Democratic Lincoln City Councilwoman Jane Raybould has accused U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer of allegedly serving the interests of the Republican Party and its donors over the needs of most Nebraska residents.

The two U.S. Senate candidates discussed trade, health care, immigration and taxes at a debate in Grand Island on Monday.

Raybould called Fischer "corrupt," citing her support for insurance companies, railroads and cable companies. She said Fischer has received $120,000 from health care and pharmaceutical companies. Fischer also supported legislation that would've raised health care costs for middle-class households and senior citizens, according to Raybould.

"While she is taking their money, she is throwing Nebraska families under the bus," Raybould said.

Raybould doesn't accept donations from corporate political action committees, according to her campaign.

Fischer, who is seeking re-election for a second term in the red-leaning state, said Raybould's accusations were made out of desperation.

"It was disappointing that my opponent was on the attack so much," Fischer said. "Nebraskans want to hear . what we're getting done, and I've been effective in the Senate."

Fischer emphasized her ability to find bipartisan solutions to problems. She responded to a question about her independence as a lawmaker by noting her support of ethanol, which many Republicans have opposed. Fischer also highlighted her efforts promoting road work, paid family leave and national security.

Fischer criticized Raybould by questioning whether employees at her family's grocery stores receive paid family leave.

Raybould said her family's business gives parents vacation and sick time off as needed.

"There's a big difference between paid family leave and someone having to take vacation time to take their kid to the doctor," Fischer said.