JERUSALEM (AP) _ Police safely detonated a bomb concealed in a bag on a busy street in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. There were no injuries.

A passer-by noticed the abandoned bag on Allenby Street in downtown Tel Aviv and notified police. They closed off the area and blew up the bomb.

The police said the bomb weighed just over 4 pounds. Police suspect it was planted as an attempted terrorist attack, police commander Uri Bar-Lev said.

Israel has been on high alert for bombings since a Palestinian uprising began in September. The fighting has claimed 411 lives, including 339 Palestinians, 57 Israelis Jews and 15 others.

There have been several bombings in Israel since the fighting broke out. A car bomb killed two Israelis in Jerusalem on Nov. 2. Two Israelis were killed and more than 60 wounded in a bus bombing in Hadera on Nov. 22, and a suicide bombing injured dozens of Israelis in the coastal city of Netanya on Jan. 1.