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ROME (AP) _ Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi said Monday that the Group of Eight summit in Genoa next month should go ahead, but steps must be taken to neutralize ``extremist'' demonstrators.

The violence that marred the European Union summit in Sweden prompted some Italians to call for cancellation of the annual summit of industrialized democracies.

But Berlusconi told the Senate that the July 20-22 summit should be held as scheduled, As he spoke, several communist senators held up signs saying ``No to G-8'' and ``Toss the G-8 into the sea.''

Berlusconi said the G-8 nations _ Italy, France, Germany, Britain, the United States, Japan, Canada and Russia _ plan to talk about what rich nations can do to help poor ones, especially in Africa.

He said most of the groups expected to demonstrate at the summit are moved by the same concerns.

``We're open to dialogue,'' with demonstrators, he said, adding that ``extremists of the anti-globalization movement must be isolated.''

Groups opposed to what they say is globalization's negative impact on the developing world began disrupting international meetings at a World Trade Organization conference in Seattle in 1999.