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NEW YORK (AP) _ The former chief financial officer for WorldCom Inc. was indicted Wednesday on securities fraud and other charges after an apparent breakdown in plea negotiations.

The defendant, Scott Sullivan, 40, is accused of overseeing a scheme to conceal $3.8 billion in company expenses.

The indictment, unsealed in federal court in Manhattan, also names Buford Yates Jr., WorldCom's former director of general accounting.

The indictment also names two other accounting executives, Betty Vinson and Troy Normand, as unindicted co-conspirators. Sullivan allegedly instructed the executives to hide Worldcom's increasing expenses by improperly shifting costs from operating to capital accounts.

David Myers, 44, the telecommunications giant's former controller, was not indicted Wednesday. He was charged along with Sullivan in an earlier criminal complaint, but has been negotiating with prosecutors.

Prosecutors filed documents indicating Vinson, Normand and Myers are cooperating with the investigators.