COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) _ U.S. Marines made an amphibious landing on Denmark's west coast Thursday as part of NATO maritime exercises reaching from the Atlantic to the Baltic Sea, a NATO spokesman said.

About 1,100 of the 8,000-man 4th Marine Amphibious Brigade came ashore on the Jutland Peninsula near the Oksboel army base in amphibious landing crafts and helicopters from ships standing off the coast. The rest arrived by boat at the nearby civilian port of Esbjerg, where the brigade's heavy equipment - including tanks, supply trucks and artillery - was unloaded.

The landing, a test of the Western allies' ability to reinforce the northern region of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was part of the annual Northern Wedding exercises that began Aug. 29 and end Friday.

This year's exercises have included 35,000 troops and 150 ships from the United States, Britain, Canada, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, West Germany and Denmark.