ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) _ The city's school superintendent has decided to fire a choir director who was criticized for a holiday concert that emphasized music with Christian themes.

School Superintendent Peter Horoschak said Frank Rotolo was notified Tuesday of the decision to fire him from his job at Highland High School. Horoschak would not elaborate Wednesday on the decision.

Rotolo remains on paid leave until he exhausts his appeals.

School district guidelines on the separation of religion from regular school activity say ``schools should be religion neutral (neither promoting nor inhibiting religious beliefs) so as to assure comfort to all students.''

Rotolo, 49, a Christian, has been advised by his attorney not to discuss the case, but he has said administrators contended that last month's concert was not crafted to consider minority faiths.

Rotolo changed the name of the performance from ``A Christmas Concert'' to ``A Winter Concert,'' but about half of the more than 15 songs had Christian themes, and none referred to holidays of other religions.