UNDATED (AP) — Americans are responding to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

Seventy-year-old retired Army colonel Bill Deile of Florida says he took Obama's promise to sidestep Congress to get things done as a "veiled threat." Fifty-two-year-old Dean Weygandt, a union technician in Toledo, Ohio, says it's about time Obama used executive orders for his agenda.

Mary Lynn English, who's pursued more than 100 marketing jobs in recent years without success, says she's not impressed with the president's positivity. The 44-year-old from Asheville, N.C., says what the president is saying are just words, and she'll be happier when there's some action.

Alan McIntyre is a self-employed 43-year-old in suburban Cincinnati, who calls Obama's speech "disgusting."

McIntyre says he says he can't support Obama's plan to help lower-income Americans save for retirement by giving them guarantees they won't lose the principal on their investments.

McIntyre says in investments, "You have to assume that risk, that's called responsibility."