ROCHESTER, Mich. (AP) _ Please don't confuse Anibal house with ''Animal House,'' the 1977 movie about a rowdy, beered-up fraternity.

Bluto, the dissolute character played by John Belushi in the movie, would have kicked himself out of Anibal Hall, a dormitory at Oakland University in suburban Detroit.

The 46 women and 22 men in the dormitory agreed before moving in that they would not use or possess alcohol or tobacco on the premises.

That's only one aspect of what school officials call the first Michigan college dormitory devoted to a wellness program.

Anibal Hall also has weight-training and aerobics rooms. Residents are encouraged to attend lectures on subjects such as stress management, weight control, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and sports nutrition.

''It removes some of the craziness, probably,'' said Fritz Barnes, an 18- year-old freshman engineering student. ''There's still craziness, but it's good craziness. It's nothing that's going to hurt anyone.''