ROME (AP) _ A Juventus team doctor was convicted Friday for administering banned substances to players on the famed Italian soccer team during the 1990s.

Riccardo Agricola received a suspended jail term of one year and ten months from Judge Giuseppe Casalbore, who acquitted Juventus chairman Antonio Giraudo, the team said.

The high-profile trial featured a team with 27 league titles and fans across the country. Between 1994-98, the Turin club won three Italian league titles, one Champions League title and the Intercontinental Cup. Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero were among current and former Juventus players who gave evidence.

Agricola's lawyer, Emiliana Olivieri, said she planned to appeal next year when a detailed explanation of the judge's ruling will be released.

The defendants had denied wrongdoing and defense lawyers argued there was no evidence players received banned substances. The lawyers contended other drugs Agricola was accused of administering were commonly used in soccer.

Prosecutors had requested prison terms of three years and two months for Agricola and two years and one month for Giraudo. The decision comes six years after accusations by then-AS Roma coach Zdenek Zeman triggered judicial inquiries.