ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ Organizers of the Athens Games began a five-day pre-Olympics test of the gymnastics facility Wednesday.

The facility, located in the main complex, also will host basketball semifinals and finals during the Aug. 13-29 games. It is one of the few venues in the complex that did not need extensive refurbishment.

``I think this is a magnificent facility,'' said Robert Colarossi, president of USA Gymnastics. ``You can see that Athens is getting ready.''

Built in 1995, the 15,000-seat venue is an ``intimate setting,'' Colarossi said.

He also praised the organization of the test event, which is needed to assess the venue and make any needed changes before the Olympics. Organizers also will test the trampoline event at the same facility Friday.

There is a separate venue for rhythmic gymnastics that will be tested from March 22-24.