PITTSBURGH (AP) _ Stock car star Bill Elliott has won his second consecutive quarterly honor in balloting for the Eljer Driver of the Year Award.

Elliott, who has dominated the NASCAR Grand National circuit this season, with seven victories in 15 races, polled 84 points from a panel of 10 leading U.S. motorsports writers.

During the second quarter, he won NASCAR races at Talladega, Ala.; Dover, Del.; Long Pond, Pa., and Brooklyn, Mich.

The driver from Dawsonville, Ga., who was the unamious first choice in first-quarter voting, this time drew eight of the 10 first-place votes, with Indianapolis 500 winner Danny Sullivan getting the other two.

Sullivan beat out defending Mario Andretti, Eljer Driver of the Year, and a fellow Indy-car racer, for second-place honors in the second quarter voting, 56-50. Andretti finished second at Indy and won races at Milwaukee and Portland, Ore, during the second quarter.

Darrell Waltrip, another stock car star and the winner of two races at Charlotte, N.C., finished fourth with 21 points, just ahead of sports car endurance racer Al Holbert, who had 19. Al Unser Jr. was sixth with six points.

Eljer is a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of plumbing fixtures and trim.