SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A former Guatemalan consul general here and three other people have been charged with smuggling aliens, mainly Iranians, into the United States, an immigration official says.

The ex-consul, who held the post in San Francisco from 1971 until last year, was identified as Vicente Morales, said reginnal U.S. immigration chief David N. Ilchert on Wednesday.

''The group was smuggling principally Iranians into the country,'' Ilchert said.

The 51-year-old Morales surrendered to federal authorities in San Francisco on Monday, he said.

Morales' arrest came three days after the arrests of Iranian national Mahmoud Maghsoudi, 52, and his wife, G. Vittoria Abbate, 32, and Fernando Alvarado, both U.S. citizens, Ilchert said. Maghsoudi is a legal permanent U.S. resident, he said.

He identified Maghsoudi as the chief executive officer of Intercultural Communications Consultants International, a San Francisco travel agency.

The four were charged with conspiracy to smuggle aliens into the United States and transporting illegal aliens, Ilchert said.